I´ve given many trainings and florish whilst facilitating workshops or events. Depending on the maturity of the team or individual, training is needed. Training is an essential subset of coaching and I won´t be scared to apply different trainings which are already available.

Trainers around the world each have their style. My style is that I leave a lot of ownership to the team receiving the training. As it´s them that need to make the knowledge their own. In order to do that, a lot of training material is changed, depending on the group.

Already have the content, but need a trainer? Don´t worry, of course I will adjust the training, like the good high five coach that I am, but I will make sure the corporate language and the is kept and the goal is reached (taken into account that people want to be in the training ofcourse).

Don´t have the content yet, but a very clear idea of what is needed? I will be able to come up with a training that suits your company style as well as the team.